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Analysis of tablet PC charging cabinet in informationized education

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        With the deepening of the educational reform, countries in the world increase  investment on education. Take China as example, we have carried out the engineering of “Campus Access to ICTs, Class Access to ICTs, Lesson Access to ICTs  ”etc.With the popularization of multimedia infrastructure, especially the popularization of the tablet, the application of tablet in informationized education has been gradually promoted in the pilot projects all over the country. In order to solve the centralized charging problem of tablets, the tablet charging cabinet comes into being.


        What is tablet charging cabinet?


        Tablet charging cabinet(also named charging cart & charging trolley), usually refers to an electrical equipment that converts  alternating current into multi-line, supporting multi-tablet charging simultaneously. Tablet charging cabinet is wildly used in various fields, such as hospital,shopping mall,museum and office building,especially in school,government agency,enterprises and institutions. It solves the problem of charging and storing multi-device simultaneously,avoiding traditional charger and adapter, enhancing the security performance.

 charging cabinet


       Security: avoiding traditional charger and adapter,with multi-layer protection,enhancing security factor;

       Temperature control: radiator opens automatically when reaching 35;

       Appearance: simple and generous,graceful and firm;

       Function: charging and storing 10 to 60 tablets or other digital products simultaneously(customizable).

       Convenience:each layer uses the draw-out type design,convenient for charging,centralized management and maximizing space utilization.

       Mobile: universal wheels under the cabinet,convenient to move, protecting the cabinet when placed or moved;


       Analyze tablet charging cabinet using  anheli AHL-E6 as an example


       Industry reference parameters:

       1. Adopting cold rolled iron plate to make the cabinet body.

       2. Adopting circuit board USB interface charging,preventing excessive instantaneous current damage.

       3. Designing handrail according to ergonomics, adopting elliptic stainless steel tube with rubber sleeves,graceful,utilized and not freezing;adopting acrylic plate and LED indicator on the two sides of the cabinet front, displaying the charging status of each tablet.  

       4. Adopting arc design on the up and down decorative sheets and left and right doors, preventing the teachers and students from bumping;  ventage design on left and right door and maintenance door,discharging the heat from the cabinet effectively.

       5. Adopting ABS engineering plastics to make interlayers inside the cabinet,placing the tablets layer by layer,preventing the tablets from being scratched.

       6. Power switch is equipped with high voltage heavy current insurance and leakage protector,ensuring personal security.

       7. Power module adopting semiconductor chips,realizing small size low heat, and optimal power design plus various protecting function. 

       8. Displaying charging,full and fault respectively by LED indicator yellow,green and red. Input under-voltage protection, over-current protection.

       9. High quality super mute and damping universal wheels and brake pad under the cabinet,convenient and quiet to move.

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