Product Name:60 sockets tablets charging cabinet

charging cart

charging trolley



charging cabinet


Socket  charging cabinet AHL-S6



Charging digits




Main material

Cold Rolled  sheet, aluminium alloy


Germany medical mute directional wheel            

Input voltage


cooling system            

Cooling fan            



Net. Weight


1.Support 60 tablet/pad charging simultaneously,overallsize 730mm*510mm*1060mm(L*W*G)
2. The decorative sheet into pand bottom of cabinet front side using arc design,greatly ease knock against teachers and student. The top of the cabinet use two elliptic stainless steel pipe armrest, beautiful and practical.
3. Front gate adopt double door and lock design,very elegant,vents are designed on right and left side,convenient for the inner hot gas exhaust; Reasonable internal winding method,avoid line clutter.
4. Power switch has over-voltage insurance and power-on protection function,leakage protector is set in the cabinet,to ensure personal safety of the users; can set the tablet/pad charging time or poweroff time according to the teacher’susing time. 





The solution of multimedia teaching

anheli committed to R&D,produce,sale multi-function lecturn and
interactive writing board, providing economic and environmental






howhaty Advantage

1, rounded corners and sheet metal armrest rounded unity: increased product integrity, unity, make our products more modern streamline texture, make the new products in the external appearance more beautiful and practical.

howhaty Advantage

2, paint overall cleanliness: work more sophisticated new products, increase the production process, pay more attention to detail and quality, from the aspects of details and appearance are to the user with a comfortable feeling.

howhaty Advantage

3, appearance without grinding dent: repeatedly before painting quality inspection, to ensure smooth, when welding the more meticulous, make product appearance more delicate, also prevent users knock against damage.

howhaty Advantage

4, wooden desk surface and sheet metal as follow: more detailed technical requirements, product appearance integrity, different material parts connection degree is higher, further guarantees the quality of the product and service life.

howhaty Advantage

5, sheet metal edge smooth without bending and burr: product parts is more strict, increase the elimination rate parts, although increased the product production cost, but still have adopted more stringent selection scheme, put an end to the users in the use of the product may appear when the scratch problem.

howhaty Advantage

 6, a movable flexible: new metal parts requirement is more precise and technical personnel with innovative thinking and technology, eventually making moving parts to achieve the degree of mobility of the product.



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