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The chairman delivered a speech

Shandong Anheli Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.founded in 2003.Since its establishment, adhere to the "user first, quality first" "using creative thinking for the user to do design" concept, operation scale constantly expanding, technology widely absorb talents, to enhance comprehensive strength, improve enterprise well-knownness, in line with the attitude of dedicated, specificity, in continuous and stable development, multimedia education products industry to construction management science, operation specification, respected the goal of modern enterprise forward steadily. In order to adapt to the needs of business development and brand building, in the beginning of may this year, the enterprise organization structure big adjustment, have absorbed various talents, each post more clear division of labor, the personnel responsible for the project more meticulous, give full play to the individual talent, allows businesses to achieve better and faster development.

Shandong Anheli Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.Adhering to the focus, innovation, service, win-win cooperation dominant spirit of enterprise, always adhere to the people-oriented, the principle of sincerity, relying on its own in the multimedia teaching in twelve years to form a complete set of professional development, product manufacturing industry through professional team, professional management and professional services to build excellent figure multimedia teaching equipment brands.

Shandong Anheli Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.through the mass organization structure adjustment, the enterprise resources, system integration, will start a new round of development. Here, on behalf of the figure industry &trade co., LTD. All the staff sincerely thank the social people from all walks of life to our attention and support for a long time. Figure industry &trade co., LTD. Web site will create high-quality platform for the exchange and communication, the form and content of further innovation website, make site enterprise and the employees, shareholders and the bridge and the link between the social from all walks of life, strengthen information communication with each other, promote win-win cooperation, with you hand in hand together to build a good career and life.

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