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Welcome Singapore Customer's Visiting For Charging Cabinet[ 06-22 16:39 ]
A customer from Singapore comes to our factory for charging cabinets, during our discussion, this customer is very satisfied with our quality and also need our OEM for their special requirements and get the aim for trial cooperation. Welcome
The success of R&D of the 15,20 tablets pad charging cabinet[ 01-29 16:13 ]
Anheli charging cabinet supports almost all kinds of Pad charging
Company annual part[ 01-11 15:49 ]
To celebrate the New Year celebration in 2016, enrich staff with colorful culture life, promote the enterprise development, on January 9, 2016,“Howhaty 2016 Spring Festival party held in Sheraton hotal.
Customer visits[ 01-06 15:59 ]
 One more customer’s tablet cahrging cabinet order of 150 sets recived smoothly,today make a customer’s visits in a good mood(^_^ one customer per day).there is so beautiful when I come in school,so beautiful snow scennery.herein share the pre
Anheli's Tablet Store Storage & Charging trolley[ 01-05 14:51 ]
The Tablet Store Storage & Charging trolley is a cost effective and ideal way to distribute and charge a group set of up to 16 Tablet or iPAD computers (compatible with all makes up 20mm) around your school. The Mobile TabletStore charger has internal electrics fitted, which enable the computer's own power adapters to be plugged in. charging all computers simultaneously (computers not included). Cooling Fan and Charge Indicator fitted as standard.
What is "intelligent identification" of charging cabinet[ 12-29 09:40 ]
As known for all of us, the safety is so important for the user of tablets charging cabinet, but what is most issue should pay attention to the buyer to choice the charging cabinet, based on the customer’s feedback from all over world those years, that i...
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